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LightWrap™ has launched!

LightWrap™ has launched! - Luxe Auto Concepts
John Schurman|
Learn what makes LightWrap™ the most advanced tint vinyl on the market.

Hey everyone!  John here with some great news from team Luxe.  We are proud to announce our LightWrap tint vinyl has launched.  We have worked hard to get the product to where it is today and are committed to making the best light tint vinyl on the market through constant improvement from our customers and installers.  LightWrap features all of the best technologies found in today's cast color change vinyl such as: repositionability, air release channels, conformability, and clean removability making it one of the easiest tint vinyls on the market to install.  A typical headlight will take 10-20min to tint from start to finish using the same techniques needed to wrap a vehicle.  We can't wait to see all the awesome cars that will be wearing our LightWrap film!  

We are currently looking for restyling shops who would like to carry our vinyl and perform installs for customers who purchase our universal wrap kits.  If you are interested please contact us at 1-888-752-LUXE and we will get a sample pack sent out to you.  

Light Smoke LightWrap vinyl on CTS-V headlights

cadillac ctsv lightwrap light smoke

Dark Smoke LightWrap on CTS-V taillights

cadillac cts-v lightwrap dark smoke taillights

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