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Destacado de propietarios de pequeñas empresas:John Schurman en Miami

Small Business Owner Spotlight: John Schurman in Miami - Luxe Auto Concepts
Para esta entrega de Small Business Owner Spotlight, nos sentamos con John Schurman, propietario deLuxe LightWrap para hablar de su viaje a Miami tanto para elClase de técnicas de envoltura avanzada de Avery impartida por Justin Pate en MetroWrapz tanto comoEl evento en vivo del Instituto Wrap organizado en MetroWrapz donde John pudo probar LightWrap y conocer a otros entusiastas de la rotulación automática de todo el mundo.

Why did you decide to attend the event in Miami?

I decided to go to this event because Justin Pate was teaching at the Color Change Workshop with Avery Dennison SW900 in Miami and that coincided with the very exciting TWI Live event at Metrowrapz.

The Avery wrap class is for anyone who is looking to better their wrapping skills, and more importantly their understanding of how to maximize profit and run the business of wrapping cars. All of the Avery instructors are top notch, so the opportunity to absorb tricks and skills they've learned over their careers is priceless.

What can people learn from Justin Pate and The Wrap Institute?

Justin Pate has been wrapping for over 20 years, and as the leading expert in the industry, he is constantly working to improve the wrap world. The Wrap Institute events like TWI Live in Miami as well as the Avery courses taught my Pate across the country add value to the industry. Justin Pate is devoted to traveling the world and teaching his craft. He started The Wrap Institute with his partner Scott Bechtel and it has evolved into a digital instructional program with a global reach. Justin Pate and The Wrap Institute set the wrap industry standards for tools and technique.

What was your favorite part of the trip?

The chance to meet the MetroWrapz team and see their facilities was by far my favorite part of the trip. What Bruno has built with Metro is incredible. Excellence is visible in every area, from the facilities, to the processes, and in the people.

What was your favorite car at the TWI event?

I really enjoyed the Avery Ferrari demo car wrap. The print was very dynamic and there were multiple layers of lamination, adding a lot of depth and difference in finish. The more I learn about the possibilities with printed color change wraps the more it excites me.

How did Luxe make a presence at the TWI event?

It was a great honor to be allowed by 3M and Avery to add LightWrap to their demo cars. We wrapped the Ferrari’s headlights in Light Smoke with Star Power eyebrows, and then wrapped Austin Mahone’s BMW i8 side markers in Mid Smoke. I gave out lots of LightWrap samples to local installers that were visiting, and also had a great opportunity to learn from them how LightWrap was impacting and enhancing their business!

What are you looking forward to within the Wrap world?

Innovation. There is a lot of innovation within the industry right now. We have Zeno's 3D wrap visualizer which allows us the opportunity to create on demand renders on a massive library of vehicles. Wrapstock by Avery is offering some incredible designs for installers who don't have a design team. A very exciting totally new brand of hybrid film (which offers unparalleled gloss) is on the market by Inozetek.

I'm also looking forward to The Wrap Experience 2020 at the International Sign Expo. Justin Pate will be hosting the event which includes interactive vendors and exhibits as well as demonstrations and contests. Meeting with others in the industry always helps to help spark inspiration for new opportunities to grow and improve what we do here at Luxe.

How was Miami?

The amount of Rolse Royces and also chrome wrapped cars was mind boggling. I’ve seen a lot of wraps when traveling, but nowhere have I seen as many as Miami. I scored a great Airbnb penthouse in downtown Miami near Wynwood. I would definitely recommend looking at Airbnb offerings in this city as you can often get many times the value at a cheaper price than a hotel. I really love the art and the energy in Miami and I'm looking forward to going back.

Luxe Products Featured @ TWI Live in Miami:

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