Dealers & Affiliates

Looking to sell our products as an authorized dealer?  Have a great social media following & looking for opportunities with our company?  You've come to the right place.  Read below for a brief listing of available opportunities with Luxe.



Websites & Stores

  • Our tint film & tint kits are great products to make available to your customers in your store &/or on your website.  


Automotive Dealerships

  • Owners &/or managers of automotive dealerships, this is a great opportunity for you to increase sales revenues & get an edge on the competition.  Our film is easy enough to train any competent employee in just minutes.  No need to employ or call a professional tinter.
  • Great option for customers.  The film can be removed at any time with ease, leaves no adhesive residue, & does no damage to the light.


Tint Shops / Wrap Shops

  • Our film is available in rolls.
  • Professional tinters, this is your opportunity to increase sales by being able to complete tint jobs much quicker.  
  • Car wrap shops, this is an excellent way to open up a new revenue stream.  You use the same methods with our film that you use with car wrap vinyls, so this a seamless transition for you.
  • Note: this film is NOT for windows.  Only for lights.  
  • Our film requires less skill to install than traditional tint.  It gives you the ability to train employees to tint lights much faster & easier than working with traditional tint.



We are looking for social media influencers who USE & LOVE our product to become affiliates.  Luxe gives you something special to share with your viewers & followers.  After they have purchased & used our kits we are confident they will appreciate you for sharing our products with them.  We are certain your followers, viewers, & subscribers, etc. will grow by showcasing our products on your social media outlets.


For more information about any of the above mentioned programs, contact us here: