2015+ Dodge Charger Fog Light Tint Kit

***THERE ARE 2 TYPES OF FOG LIGHTS FOR THIS MODEL.  THE "LONG" TYPE IS A HORIZONTAL ROW OF LEDS & THE "ROUND" TYPE IS A CIRCULAR FOG LIGHT.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE ORDERING TO ENSURE PROPER FITMENT*** Our Luxe Auto Concepts DIY tint kits are designed around one of the best tint films on the market.  Our tint is applied dry unlike other tint films and can be repositioned until placement is perfect!  We have included everything you need to ensure a professional level installation.
  • 2 fog light tint overlays
  • 1 extra overlay for practice
  • 3" mini medium stiffness squeegee
  • microfiber cloth
  • prep spray
  • dry application vinyl tint
  • air release channels for easy application
  • re-positionable overlays that can be pulled off during installation & reapplied
  • custom designed overlays for your car
  • cast vinyl with memory. If overstretched during installation the film will revert back to its original shape by using a heat source such as a heat gun or hairdryer

Customer Reviews

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Dark Smoth Stealth is really dark...unusable IMO

I went at it with the extra piece and found it very difficult to place correctly. Would be a lot easier if the car is elevated. It ended up being way too dark. I didn't like how the lights looked while on. I removed it and the other two pieces went in a drawer and will most likely go unused. I would recommend anyone looking at these go with one version lighter than you think you want. I wish I would have gone with light smoke.

Dodge charger

You guys have an excellent product, it's easy to work with and looks phenomenal, it's nice how you give a test piece to practice with, your quick with your service. Thank you for all you have done for me. I will be buying from you on the future to do the wife's jeep.

Great product

Came out super clean and not very hard to install

Pretty neat

I grabbed the yellow rectangular kit. Installation (first time car modder) was pretty straight forward, i messed up a bunch of times.. just make sure your hands (and the surface of the lights) are clean and you can peel up and attach over and over. I recommend a set of those tools that resemble screw drivers, but have sharpened picks and hooked picks that can be used to lift an edge of the tint if you mess up the placement (dont fully tack it down obviously).

My one slight worry was regarding the physical dimensions - I believe this piece was created slightly smaller in the vertical and horizontal to allow better (easier) placement. I feel like at least a bit of extra vertical length would have been nice because you can slip excess below or above the plastic to ensure you do not have a strip of white light below or above after installation. People look at the lights from above while standing or directly level through a mirror so i recommend placing the tint biased somewhat towards the bottom of the light (instead of directly in the middle with slight gap above and below) to ensure there is no visible trace of white from the bottom.


2015+ Dodge Charger Fog Light Tint Kit