2015+ Challenger Tail Light Tint Kit - Type 2 (Full Wrap)

  • Sheet of LightWrap™ vinyl at 20" x 1yd
  • Install Kit: mini squeegee, prep spray, microfiber cloth, Luxe decal, and break away knife
  • All components are bagged to prevent marring during shipping
  • Packaged and shipped in a 3" rigid tube

    Installation Video

    Follow along with this video when installing this kit. In this video I use Knifeless Tape, which is optional. If you don't have it put down two layers of automotive painters tape where you want the edge of the wrap to be and then lightly cut on it to prevent scratching the lens.


    Please follow this cut guide when you receive your LightWrap™ kit. Use any extra film to wrap side markers, mirror lights, etc. The LightWrap™ backing grid is a uniform 2" square grid.
    Click image to zoom


    • Sheet of LightWrap™
    • Break Away Knife
    • Prep Spray (iso & h20)
    • Microfiber Cloth
    • Mini Squeegee
    • Luxe Decal

    Optional items to make the job easier

    Debadge/Clay Bar Kit
    Make sure the surface of your light is slick as glass to ensure the highest quality finish of your LightWrap™ installation.
    White Luxe Squeegee
    In combination with the included mini squeegee this will insure you have the right tool no matter the job.
    Suede Buffer
    When wet this buffer will glide without marring the surface of the vinyl on gloss finishes and make installations a breeze.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Challenger Tail Light Tint Kit - Type 2 (Full Wrap) honeycomb

    Great product. Easy install. Achieved the look I wanted. Another great Luxe product.

    Challenger Tail Light Tint

    Amazing product, and the Very BEST on the market. All of their products are Top Notch and you won’t find a better brand than Luxe Auto Concepts

    Hex Pattern Mid Smoke on ‘15 Challenger Scat Pack

    This was an extremely easy install! Looked up a few YouTube videos on “how to” and used the heat gun suggested. Messed up the first light tinting but they give you enough extra vinyl that after I got the hang of it I was able to cut a new piece and completely redo the light.

    Good Stuff

    I haven't installed it yet. I'm waiting for knifeless tape to show up. I did remove the kit from the mailer tube and lay it flat on the table to relax the curve out of it. Just looking at it I know it will be a drastic. And awesome change to th appearance of. My tail lights. Might be a good idea to start including some knifeless tape as part of the kit or produce some YouTube videos showing how to install the tail light wrap and trim it using the supplied cutter. I thought about attempting it but once wrap is applied, there really is no good visibility of the edge of the red section of the tail light in order to make an even cut. The product did drive quickly as expected. I will submit photos once I get it installed

    Great product worth every penny

    Easy to install no need to pay someone to install.They have great videos on YouTube in how to install them.Make sure to buy knifeless tape and have a heat gun that will make your job a lot easier. Thanks Luxe Auto for just amazing products and videos in How to. One more thing super fast service and shipping. I order Sunday night and was shipped Monday got it on Wednesday.