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2015+ Challenger Tail Light Tint Kit - Type 1 (Center Overlays)

Easy/great result/would def recommend

Took me 30 minutes to prep and install these. All I can say is they make this car look so good. Small differences make big impacts these are worth the money!

Side marker didn’t work

The side marker was played with like with some tools and was broke on been shipped

Side markers/rear reflectors TINT KIT

I have a black challenger this was the exact look I wanted. Came out perfect, I highly recommend this product.

Charger Racetrack Taillamp Decal - Type 1 (Text)

Dark Carbon

Love how it turned out on my Granturismo! Despite the tail lights being relatively difficult, the material was surprisingly easy to work with. I'll be sure to forward some photos!

Great decal

The decal is great quality and the kit includes everything you need. The YouTube video instructions are fantastic. I originally messed up my top layer had it off centered. Purchased a new top layer and used some masking take to help me make sure it was centered in the indentations. I am going to try the marker tint kit next and see how it goes

Side marker blackout

Watched the video on how to install with heat. When on pretty easily and should hold up better than tint. Looks much better.

Replaced my first tint, and I don't regret it

I ordered a full black out tint kit off of amazon. Being by first tint, the face was fine but there were bubbles and creases all around the edges. After a week I couldn't take it and ordered this kit.

I got the right side on just fine, but stretched it a little too much on the left side and the middle got all creased. Almost gave up when I remembered someone in the review comments said he would have cut it at the middle. So I did and oh my god it worked. After some squeegeeing and blow drying I went from 6-8 massive creases and bubbles to three barely noticeable creases and an extremely light cut line in.

Overall I love the look of this kit. So long as you take your time on it, watch the videos, and make modifications as needed it should go smoothly. Would definitely recommend the kit.

American Flag

Great design! Looks great on our jeep

Rear reflector tint

Easiest , great fit, I would recommend it.

Tail light

Amazing product! easy to install. definitely recommend their products to others .
2019 Dodge Charger

Dry Vinyl Install Kit

Material didn’t come cut properly

I ordered this product from so many good reviews I read, but I received my luxe auto tint kit and the material wasn’t cut out properly. It was a struggle to install material that wasn’t cut from production correctly. Very disappointed.


Amazing and easy to use .. YouTube videos were provided as well. Before and after pictures are added

2015+ Charger Headlight Tint Kit


Had to have it. Such a simple and creative idea! Installation was easy. Love how it looks!

Dodge Charger Tailight Panel

Great Fitment. See attached Picture

Everythings damaged

So. I checked the product apon delivery in the tube it was in. Rolled it out and everything seemed fine no marks edges or creases. Put it back in the tube to keep it safe and legit 2 weeks later theres tons of creases and theres actually fading in the tint in multipule spots, about to attempt to do this once and for all after work but i got a bad feeling this is a bad batch. Plus all of the product is brown which looks nothing like what i ordered.. kinda frustrated and worrying if this is gonna become a 100 bucks for nothing.

Christopher, We're sorry to read that you had issues with your product. Much of our tint does look brown when it is still on the backing paper, however the tint is not a brown color once it is removed. We would love to help you resolve the issues you are having with your tint. You can email us at and our customer service department can help you.
Rear side marker

Rear side markers a tad bit too long but other than that a great product.

Best in business

This product is hands down the best product to use on your vehicle. I've used the Universal mid for my taillights and then proceeded to use the product to chrome delete my door handles, window trim and back bumper trim. Anytime someone ask what to use for their lights, I always recommend Luxe.

Amazing Quality

Easy install and great looks!

Decent blackout

Fit pretty well, just have to play with it a while to make sure it lines up.

Luxes wrap

Extremely great product! Very pleased on how the product took my challenger to a whole new look. Love it