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  • Scott Solar Control Grand Opening w/ DFWLX and Luxe
    April 8, 2019 John Schurman

    Scott Solar Control Grand Opening w/ DFWLX and Luxe

    LightWrap is quickly becoming the tint vinyl of choice for professional installers around the country and world, and it's always a pleasure getting to meet these installers and see their operations, so when I learned Scott Solar Control, DFWLX club's preferred Luxe...

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  • Types of tint explained
    February 18, 2019 John Schurman

    Types of tint explained

    There are three processes used to tint a vehicle's lights: applying a film to the lens, spraying the lens, and installing rigid covers.  Here you can learn about each and determine which is right for your projects.  LightWrap made it's debut in 2018 and is quickly being adopted as the method of choice by DIY and professionals alike.... could it be exactly what you were waiting for?
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  • How To Remove LightWrap
    February 18, 2019 John Schurman

    How To Remove LightWrap

    Want to change up the look of your tint this show season or turning in your lease?  Removing LightWrap is simple, and when done correctly won't damage your vehicle's lights or chrome.  The most important factor when removing LightWrap is...

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