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Challenger Racetrack Taillamp Decals


They look awesome!

Best in the Business!

This is the third product I have ordered from you guys an as before it was fast delivery, an you guys have the Best product I have ever used! I have tried others but there is no comparison! Thanks again👍

Black out reflectors

Very happy car looks good

Alittle hard to put on around curved edges on outside light and creased up a spot and couldn't get out, so going to have to get a replacement. Inside pieces alot easier and smoother to put on. Definitely use heat gun to make it easier. Once on though looks awesome.

Great product, great look, lots of compliments

2015+ Charger Tail Light Tint Kit - Type 2 (Center Overlay)

Great Idea, Poor Execution

The pre-cut tints DO NOT come labeled like they say. There is also no excess on the cutout. So you get just the cutout and have to tray and peel off the backing without ruining the tint. Then you have to try and figure out which marker or reflector(I got both) it goes too because again, they are not labeled. They also must be cut with high tolerances because the ones that should have been the same size were even off, causing it to be harder to place than it should be. I even had to cut some excess off with an exacto knife because there was so much excess it would not properly wrap around the light.

2021 Durango RT

The blacked out tail lights look incredible. Easy install. Also like the race track tint kit to

Easy it!

This is a no brained upgrade. Fit is perfect and installation is super easy. Side note: I hope they last I use a brush car wash weekly. Look is as good as I pictured...

Great Product

Precut tint film was an easy install and looks awesome.

Mid smoke

Went on great and works amazing

Fit was excellent, and was easy to install, very satisfied with the look!!

Amazing product !!

Overall amazing products & fast shipping ‘


Amazing product. Easy to install!

Wrong item

I thought i ordered the stealth wrap for my tail lights upon arrival i saw they were the carbon fiber ones. I dont plan on using them.

2015+ Challenger Rear Reflector Tint Kit

2008-14 Challenger Tail Light Tint Kit - Strike Out

GREAT as usual!!

Great customer service, great quality and very informative installation videos.. Also that free kit that comes with it is very helpful..

Looks Amazing!

this tint was easy to work with and looks amazing. The videos helped me master the process for an easy application

Real carbon fiber

Very well made, high quality

Looks great

Fit was perfect, looks much better than the factory side lights.

Poor fitment/cut/instruction

I ordered the Gloss Black kit for my ‘21 Charger Scat Pack. The video for reference uses an entirely different kit, and shows an install using firmer vinyl whereas the product i received was poorly able to perform the install according to how the video instructed. Also, I installed the wrong side for a test piece( which isnt exactly worded or instructed) to try it out and after ordered another piece only to find the entire kit was poorly cut and didnt align right. Overall just save your money and get someone to install it for you. Maybe they’ll use a kit as symmetrical as in the video instead of what i was sent.

Solid products

Pleased with the tiny films on my Ram.

Thought I was going to fail!

After I got the package for my full wrap taillight kit I felt a bit in over my head. I thought no way I will be able to pull this off. With little wrap experience I would need a pro for sure. I called a local shop and they wanted $275 to install it. I was ready to return this item or sell it locally as I was sure If I tried it, that I'd ruin it. I watched a few videos of how to install it and went for it. OMG I have to say it went on flawlessly and looks like a pro did it. I took my time and used what I learned from watching a few videos and I could not be happier with it!. The quality of Vinyl they send you is top notch!.