Charger Front Bumper Hash Stripes


These hash stripes can be added to the lower grill insert of the 2015+ Chargers.  This area is a matte textured black plastic that needs to be thoroughly cleaned of greases and waxes for the decals to stick well.  We suggest you wash this area using Dawn soap and then make sure it's completely dry before installing this decal.  We use Oracal vinyl for this decal, which is wet application, but it is not totally necessary to install this decal wet because of the plastics texture. 

1x Hash Stripe Decal

1x Install Kit: Mini Squeegee, microfiber cloth, prep spray, and luxe decal

(OPTIONAL) Small application fluid if you want to do a wet install.

Installation Tips

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Install video coming soon.

Optional items to make the job easier

Small Application Fluid
If you want to have a little time to reposition and slide the decal when installing use this.  You will need to wait for the fluid to fully evaporate to complete the install.
White Luxe Squeegee
In combination with the included mini squeegee this will insure you have the right tool no matter the job.
Suede Buffer
When wet this buffer will glide without marring the surface of the vinyl on gloss finishes and make installations a breeze.

Customer Reviews

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Charger Front Bumper Hash Stripes

Front bumper hash stripes

VERY!! easy installation and looks great! Definitely will be shopping with Luxe more

2016 rt

I used it on my 2016 rt....bumper style slight diff....but it turned out really good. Def satisfied with it......went on easy but im familiar with that style graphic.

Decal want Stick

I bought this thinking I would be able to do it since I applied your racetrack decal for my charger on the back with no issues. Tinted back tailights, no problems. This Hash mark decal is giving me trouble adhering to my bumper. I use the wet method to apply it to be able to reposition if needed. I think maybe getting it wet messed it up. Should I have just peeled backing off and stick it to the bumper? They are on now, but will move, so not right. I looked for a video or better instructions, but couldn't find any. I'm going to order another one to re do because I love the look it gives my Charger. Pretty bad ass I think.


I bought tint kit and these hash marks. Tint went on super easy. The hash marks on the other hand, had a lot of struggles. When they came in they were creased in a way that I couldn't get the crease out. Also probably user error but they wouldn't stay adhered to the car. Couldn't get them to stay they just kept lifting off the car. I'd squeegee over and over leave it be come back and they weren't even attached to the car. Gave up.