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Magnetic License Plate Cover - Fully Customizable

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About the Product

Looking for a quick way to cover your license plate at car shows or for pictures?  If so, this is the product for you!  There are plenty of cheap cover options on the web made of thin aluminum blanks that are printed on with low-quality printers, but we didn't see any that could compare to what we could offer.  Purchase this item and on the following business day one of our Luxe designers will reach out to start the design process.  Some differences between our covers and the others:

  • OURS: Made from CNC cut 3mm thick aluminum composite material with 4 thin neodymium magnets countersunk at OEM bolt locations.
  • THIERS: Made from thin aluminum plate blanks.  Prone to bending.  Magnets stick out on the rear and are glued/taped on.
  • OURS: Design printed on vinyl, laminated, and wrapped to the cover.  Allows for metallic and reflective prints as well as laminate effects.
  • THIERS: Printed directly on plate blank and no laminate or liquid laminate.  Only one natural finish is available.  Print is more prone to scratching.
  • OURS: Includes 2 static cling "Plate On" decals for you to put on your gauge cluster when the plate is on the vehicle because nobody wants to be pulled over for accidentally leaving their cover on.
  • THIERS: Good luck with the cops if you forget :-)

*** Total thickness is 4-5mm with magnets.  Confirm clearance and that there is no camera or other component in the way.  License Plate bolts MUST BE STEEL to work.

*** You will have the option to cancel the order when discussing the customization with our designer, but once the item is produced it cannot be returned as it is a custom item.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brian Y.
Came damaged

The first one I ordered came perfect the second one I ordered came damaged and for the price we are paying for these they should come not damaged and I’ve yet to receive back an email

Austin G.
Would Buy Again

Cover came in a decent amount of time especially considering the really nice custom artwork they did for me. I've actually been in contact with them about purchasing the art work because they did a better job than the design company I hired to design my logos. No reason not to order from these guys if you're in the market for a custom plate cover.