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5 Satisfying Car Wrap Videos

5 Satisfying Car Wrap Videos - Luxe Auto Concepts
Kanya Michelle|
Car wrapping is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to completely transform the look of your vehicle. Here is a list of the most /r/oddlysatisfying car wrap videos on the internet right now!

#1: Time Lapse Lamborghini Wrap

Luxury car wraps are what wrapping is all about, right? Watching master installer Jay, of Eastern Pennsylvania based RDS Automotive Group, transform this Lamborghini Huracan Performante piece by careful piece, is very satisfying.

#2: Justin Pate Wraps With A Blindfold On

Justin Pate is the industry standard for wrapping, and his videos on The Wrap Institute are all fantastic. This is one of his most satisfying wrap videos, because he does the entire wrap with a blindfold on!

#3: Luxe & Hemifam CA Blackout

The speed and ease at which lights are wrapped in this video is inarguably satisfying to watch. My favorite part is around 6:45 where a tail light is wrapped at 3D Wrapz in just minutes with nothing but a wrap glove and a little bit of heat!

#4: Unwrapping

Daniel Sanchez of Premium Auto Styling in Riverside, CA shows us the process of unwrapping a BMW M4. Though moments are annoying for Sanchez (blisters ensue) it is satisfying for the viewer to watch a skilled professional work his magic!

#5: TikTok Wrap Sensation Garbo8868

A wrap video list without Chinese female TikTok sensation and wrap artist Garbo8868 would be incomplete. Little is known about this artist here in the States, but wrap enthusiasts and laymen alike all seem to be transfixed when watching her very satisfying short videos!

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What is your favorite wrap video?

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I’m impressed by your ultimate guide. Absolutely amazing work.


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