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Vinilo de carbono forjado Luxe - Estilo WS

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This carbon fiber vinyl pattern is similar to OEM BMW roof panels and Ferraris.  The weave is 1x1, so square in appearance, and gives a tight uniform finish.  It's available in different versions and finishes and is infinitely customizable through our custom department.  PLEASE order a sample if you are trying to decide which printed vinyl is right for you.  We do not accept any returns on any printed vinyl product unless there is a clear manufacture defect, and in that case, then you can expect incredible and quick customer service!

Please allow 1-3 days for production. This item is printed to order. Printed vinyls are nonrefundable.


White Option

  • Avery 1105ezrs vinyl with Avery laminate, which is industry leading in ease of installation and durability and is used by professionals around the world.
  • Our carbon is designed at print resolution and is printed slow in many passes with a very high ink density. This gives our carbon ultra contrast for the most realistic look possible.
  • Our textures are designed in 3D and then perfected by our artists in Photoshop before being printed on our color calibrated HP R1000 printer. Our printer is color calibrated weekly ensuring our carbon is beautiful and consistent.

Metallic Option

  • 3M IJ180mc-120 Satin Aluminum vinyl with Avery laminate. This is the combination that produces the most realistic carbon fiber vinyl.... PERIOD.
  • The 3M micro comply adhesive makes this vinyl very easy to install for both DIY and professionals.
  • We don't use the same print file between materials... instead each material gets an optimized file, and this metallic has got to be seen to be believed! The metallic base shimmers like real carbon fiber does and gives it incredible visible depth.

Metallic Hyper Real Option

  • This takes our metallic carbon fiber and turns it up a notch by adding actual dimension to the print that is visible in the laminate.
  • The boldness of colors and metallic sheen is unmatched by any printed carbon fiber vinyl on the market.

Reflective Option

  • Orafol 5600 reflective vinyl with Avery laminate. Why Orafol? It's available in 54" where the other brands are 48"... also it's the reflective PGNOLA prefers, and I'm not about to argue with The Professa. Respect.
  • The adhesive is relatively aggressive compared to the other two options, but it's still very manageable for a DIY install. A helper or second set of hands will help a lot.
  • This is by far the craziest look there is. When hit with light the effect is similar to TV static or some crazy dynamic marble. During the day time the look is super dynamic as the material slightly glows when hit with light at the right angle.

Clear Option

  • 3M IJ180mc-114 clear base with Avery laminate. Yes! This is clear vinyl with air release that can be installed just like any other color change vinyl. It's even 3M, so installation is a breeze.
  • You will want to pay special attention to fingerprints when installing this material. Also reposition it as little as possible to avoid any glue lines. We keep an alcohol bottle close by and spray our hands and dry them before almost every touch on the back. Other than that.... this really isn't any different or harder than any other option or vinyl.
  • Want the color of your car to show through the carbon? Why not.... that sounds awesome. So we made this, and after applying it to some different colors and realized IT IS AWESOME. Here it is! Clear carbon.
  • Can you use it as taillight tint? Sure! Go for it. :-)

Why Luxe printed vinyls?

Perfection is our Passion

We enjoy pushing the boundaries and creating systems that give our customers more options than any of our competitors. This makes the entire production process more complicated, but that's exactly how we like it! The entire production pipeline has been optimized by each team to ensure we produce the best product possible for every customer... no matter if you just order 1ft or an entire roll. Our production environment is state of the art and our equipment is constantly calibrated.
  • Printer: HP R1000
  • Laminator: Kala Mystral
  • CNC/Plotter: Summa F1612

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Juan C.
Worst "Realistic" carbon fiber vinyl.

Worst "Realistic" carbon fiber vinyl. For the price I paid for this vinyl I expected to see real carbon fiber look. This vinyl is nowhere near what any carbon fiber looks like period. Thank you for making waste my time and money.

Victor L.

Despite the month delay, they actively replied my concern and for that is great customer service, also the vinyl looks real! I've been looking for this type of texture opposed to the regular style they sell on Amazon. Almost Matches my car factory.