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Kit de envoltura universal para techo/capó - 3M Shadow Black

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  • With the technology in car wrap vinyl constantly improving a simple restyle like wrapping your roof or hood can easily be done by anyone.  Here are kits made from the same vinyl that we use locally and in our Luxe products.  The material is soft and flexible allowing it to conform to contours and bend easily, and the air release makes getting a smooth finish simple. After applying the vinyl Sheet, you simply trim the excess vinyl with the included break away blade (or optional Knifeless tape). Luxe Auto Concepts wrap kits are easy and fun to install and remove, and they won't harm the painted finish surface of your vehicle. Don't be fooled by others selling cheaper, imitation brands of vinyl. Our high performance automotive wrap kits are designed to last longer and perform better than our competitors.  Remember...measure twice, buy once. To purchase longer continuous lengths over 84", please email us at

    Choosing a size

    Luxe Auto Concepts recommends you always measure your hood or roof before purchasing one of our wrap kits.  Add a few inches on each side and then cut the material for the job.  The more film you have to work with the easier the installation will be, and the more complex the shape the more extra material you should have to help spread out the tension. 

    • Sheet of vinyl in selected size: 60" x 60", 60" x 72", 60" x 84"
    • Install Kit: full size squeegee, prep spray, microfiber cloth, Luxe decal, and break away knife
    • Manufacturer SKU: SB12
      Color: Black
      Finish: Textured 
      Film Type: Dual Cast
      Adhesive: Grey / Slideable, Repositionable Adhesive with Comply
      Conformability: Flat, simple and moderate compound curves, convex and concave surfaces
      Thickness: 3.5 mil

Kit Information and Vinyl Pics

The Luxe Difference

There are so many brands of vinyl out there with many Youtube "professional" wrappers giving false information, sometimes it can be hard to know who to trust. We only use top tier name brand CAST vinyl that will last you years when installed correctly. Sure you can save some money and buy a cheaper calendared vinyl; however, it is going to be much harder to install and it won't last nearly as long. You will find real professional wrap shops all over the world using the same vinyl as in this kit, and the install videos we link to are of industry professionals who have proven themselves in the real world... not just on Youtube. We've also chosen these brands specifically because of their ease of install... this the perfect vinyl for a DIY customer.

Installation Tips

Keys for a Successful Wrap

  • Plan & Measure: Measure what you are wrapping and add a foot to each side.
  • Clean: Remove all waxes, oils, and other dirt. The surface should feel as smooth as possible. Anything you feel will be visible through the wrap.
  • Don't over stretch: It is easy to over stretch the material. Vinyl has a memory of its original shape and when over stretched it could pull back in the near future. When shaping the vinyl don't over use the heat.
  • Post-Heat: This is the last step and most critical for a long term successful wrap! Heat the material to ~190deg F once it's trimmed to eliminate the memory effect. It's most important to perform this where the vinyl was stretched most: edges, complex shapes, etc.

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3M Shadow Black

Loved it was really easy to work with and came out great highly recommended