Honda Civic Sunroof Decal - Distressed Rising 'H'


This is the highest quality sunroof decal offered in a kit on the market.  We created this decal because there are too many bad designs and poorly fitting sunroof overlays out there.  We wanted to bring a proper quality product to the market, because the idea is great!  Here's a couple of things that will separate our sunroof overlay from the others out there.

- Includes our install kit: cleaning solution, mini squeegee, microfiber, application fluid, and a Luxe decal.

- Item is shipped in a tube with reinforced caps using USPS Priority shipping to insure the product arrives in good condition, and if for any reason it doesn't we get another one out to you right away.

This decal has been confirmed to fit the following vehicles.

9th gen Civic Si Coupe *pictured

If we haven't listed your vehicle as one we have confirmed here is a way you can measure your sunroof to see if it will work. All measurements are of the glass edge to edge and not the rubber surround.
  • The minimum length needed is 16" from the front of the car to the rear where the curve stops and straightens out.
  • The minimum width of the sunroof needed is 34" from passenger side to driver side of the car.
  • The front lip is curved and the minimum length from front to rear in the center of the car is 16.5".
  • Cut the decal inside of the border vinyl where the tranfer paper is visible. This will make the decal very easy to line up using the rubber surround.
  • Hinge the decal off center and closer to the 'H'. Putting the hinge center will put it right on the tip of the rays of the flag which can cause difficulty.
  • Start with the passenger side of the decal. The 'H' side.
Different car but the same technique using the tips above

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