Installation Accessories

  • Universal Debadge/Clay Bar Kit
    Universal Debadge/Clay Bar Kit

    Universal Debadge/Clay Bar Kit


    Description Wanting to debadge your car or remove stubborn contaminates from a surface before installing a decal or tint?  This kit is for you!  We...

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  • Dry Vinyl Install Kit - Luxe Auto Concepts

    Dry Vinyl Install Kit


    Description Our Luxe Auto Concepts dry vinyl decal install kit includes everything you'll need to successfully install decals and other vinyl produ...

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  • Decal Application Fluid

    Decal Application Fluid


    Description  This is the installation fluid we use in house to install wet application decals.  This size will easily install a sunroof decal with ...

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  • Mini Squeegee - Medium Soft

    Mini Squeegee - Medium Soft

    from $1.99

    This is our favorite squeegee for installing LightWrap™ on many applications.  The small shape and high flexibility work extremely well with the co...

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  • Suede Buffer Strips for Squeegee

    Suede Buffer Strips for Squeegee

    from $2.99

    Pre-cut suede buffers that are ideal for LightWrap™,chrome, and gloss vinyl wet applications Soak up water during wet applications. Excellent at...

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  • White Luxe Branded Squeegee
    White Luxe Branded Squeegee

    White Luxe Branded Squeegee


    A high quality, durable squeegee. Featuring a true "I.M." edge, with mid level memory, high flexibility and high glide. Ideal for LightWrap™️, ligh...

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  • Break Away Blade Knife

    Break Away Blade Knife


    Description Just your standard ultra-sharp break away knife perfect to cutting wrap vinyl and LightWrap.  Save yourself a trip to the hardware stor...

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