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Luxe Custom Order Request

Our initial custom fee is $20, which includes 1 hour of design time, plus product & materials cost. We will be able to execute the majority of designs within the allotted hour. More complex designs may require more time and additional fees, which will be billed accordingly.

Product must be paid for in full before any design work begins on your order.

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In-Stock Vinyl Options

Colors (Wet application)

Textures (Dry Application)

Metallic Silver- Closest Match: Billet Silver
Dark Grey- Closest Match: Destroyer Grey
Purple- Closest Match: Plum Crazy Purple
Deep Sea Blue- Closest Match: Jazz Blue
Azure Blue- Closest Match: B5 Blue
Lime-Tree Green- Closest Match: Sublime Green
Signal Yellow- Closest Match: Yellow Jacket
Orange Red- Closest Match: Go Mango
Purple Red- Closest Match: Octane Red
Dark Red- Closest Match: Redline Red
Red- Closest Match: Tor Red
Gloss Black
Matte Black
Morpheus Black (Star power/Holographic)
Forged Carbon
Brushed Metal
Matrix Black
Shadow Black
Carbon Fiber
Gloss Black
Satin Black

Special Order Vinyls

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We prefer these premium cast vinyls for quality & endurance; however, there are many vinyls out there, so if you see one you'd prefer from Fellers or MetroRestyling, we can order that too. Since they're special order, they will incur an extra fee. If you don't see a color that interests you, keep in mind that our printing capabilities are endless!

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