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Luxe Features: Luxe Auto Concepts Custom Designs

Luxe Features: Luxe Auto Concepts Custom Designs - Luxe Auto Concepts
Kanya Michelle|
Since re-opening this fall, our Custom Department has been turning out a constant flow of one-of-a-kind designs for our customers. Whether you're getting ready for car season or just interested in having the most aggressive-looking car on the road, our design team is equipped to make any dream a reality!
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Let us help you take your ride to the next level!

Our skilled design team will work with you to make a unique look, allowing you stand out from the rest of the pack!

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We have the right design team for any job!

No project is too big or too small, our custom capabilities are endless! We can do anything: simple cutouts with our kits, custom printed LightWrap, or even custom decals in your choice of vinyl!
In order to ensure each look is professional and built to last until you're ready for a change, Luxe Custom uses the same high quality material and hands-on technique we use for all of our DIY kits!
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Custom Printed LightWrap

Whether you want to promote your brand or trick out your ride for an upcoming show, the Luxe custom team can help you make your vehicle stand out.

Learn More About Custom Printed LightWrap

Custom Tail Light Divider

Just like our Single and 3 Layer Dividers, our custom Challenger Taillight Dividers are simple and easy to install... instantly personalizing the rear of your car.

Custom Sunroof Decals

We designed the highest quality and best fitting sunroof decal kit on the market, and now you can customize it!

Learn More About Custom Sunroof Decals

Custom Vinyl Kits

Luxe Auto Concepts gives customers the ability to customize their vehicle with any quality vinyl on the market. Decals, hood and roof wraps, rally stripes, the possibilities are endless!

Learn More About Custom Vinyl Kits

Custom Decals

Our custom team can work with you to design the perfect decal for your vehicle. Taillight decals, window decals, or decals for the body... your imagination is the only limit!

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Want carbon fiber, black rally stripes for Chrysler 300S, 2019.

Bruce Scott

Looking to do a custom 3 layer tail light divider on my black 2020 Dodge Challenger scat pack. I’d like it with the scat pack bee 392 logo. Is that possible.

ANdy Lukowski
Hi Johnny, Thanks so much for the awesome job you did for us on the rally stripes, and custom scoop decal. We have people stop us, and comment on the B5 blue paint, combined with the Matt grey, and purple stripes. Looks awesome! Great combination! I have to explain the Scat bee on the scoop decal to most people, especially the younger crowd. Thats alright, We know what it means! Thanks again Luxe, and Johnny. N.J. B5 blue Scat pack. Scott, and Lori.
Scott Schoonover

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