2011-14 Charger Rear Side Marker Tint Kit
2011-14 Charger Rear Side Marker Tint Kit

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Our Luxe Auto Concepts DIY tint kits are designed around one of the best tint films on the market.  Our tint is applied dry unlike other tint films and can be repositioned until placement is perfect!  We have included everything you need to ensure a professional level installation.
  • 2 rear side marker overlays
  • 1 extra overlay for practice
  • 3" mini medium stiffness squeegee
  • microfiber cloth
  • prep spray


  • dry application vinyl tint
  • air release channels for easy application
  • re-positionable overlays that can be pulled off during installation & reapplied
  • custom designed overlays for your car
  • cast vinyl with memory. If overstretched during installation the film will revert back to its original shape by using a heat source such as a heat gun or hairdryer

Customer Reviews

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2012 Charger rear side marker tint

Very pleased with the tint kit. Fits very well and covers entire side marker and looks nice.


Thank you! the side marker tint kit came quickly. Applied effortlessly! Love the look, it complements the full taillight tint that is on the car now. In fact the front corner light and blinker tint set came today 12/11/18 You guys are AWESOME!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Thank you again MR SGF

Taillight Tint / Side Marker Tint

Great product, gives your car an entirely different look.

2014 Dodge Charger Tail Light Tint

I used the 2014 Dodge Charger Tail Light Tint Kit. I ended up messing up on the installation of the main tail light slightly but other than that it was perfect. This only reason it was not perfect was due to this being my first time installing tint on something that seems more advanced because of the Dodge Decal. Highly recommend to anyone, just take your time!

Awesome side marker tint!

I installed these over a year ago and they have been incredible. They are precut so they fit perfectly and can be repositioned if needed.

I first installed these onto some aftermarket full led strip side markers. (Won't mention the manufacturer because they make a terrible product and I've gone through 3 sets but they are well known.)

What really impressed me is whenever I had to replace the side marker light, I could peel off the tint and re-apply it to the new lense. Needless to say I am utterly impressed with Luxe's quality!

Perfect application with the sidemarker being in that stripe. Thanks for the pics and review!

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