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Vinyl & Tint Mystery Box

Original price $15.00 - Original price $25.00
Original price
$15.00 - $25.00
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Do you have small projects, need to wrap or tint badges, or need some small decals? Our all-new mystery boxes are for you. These include new, limited edition, and never before seen printed vinyl, as well as premium wrap vinyl pieces and LightWrap. These boxes are perfect for trying out the wide variety of materials that we offer.

Comes with a free squeegee

Please note that the following quantities and sizes are approximate and may differ slightly for each box. Product photos are only an example of what your box may look like- each box will be different.


Specs Small Box Large Box
Size 9 X 12 sheets or smaller 12 X 20 sheets or smaller
Materials LightWrap: 10 pcs
Printed material: 5 pcs
Color-change material: 5 pcs
LightWrap: 15 pcs
Printed material: 5 pcs
Color-change material: 5pcs
Pieces Qty 20 25


Customer Reviews

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King P.
Shocked at the type of material sent

I'm sure the mystery box is different and mileage may vary, but I got some great materials that helped me wrap a few emblems and parts. Some designs I always wanted to try but I was unsure so this box was a perfect sample and I ended up buying the Shadow Black in large amounts for the hood now. Would be better if you at least got to choose maybe half of what you get. I got bubbles, pearlescent blue and pink that I ended up donating to my daughter instead.