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2015+ Dodge Challenger Rear Reflector Tint Kit

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Our Luxe Auto Concepts DIY tint kits are designed around one of the best tint films on the market. Our tint is applied dry unlike other tint films and can be repositioned until placement is perfect! We have included everything you need to ensure a professional level installation.

DISCLAIMER: Matte Smoke is a popular one on this particular area of your car. The matte smoke blends in very well with the grey plastic part of the bumper.  For the tail lights & side markers the most popular by far is dark smoke.
  • 2 rear reflector tint overlays
  • 1 extra overlay for practice
  • 3" mini medium stiffness squeegee
  • microfiber cloth
  • prep spray

You will be able to bundle this kit with other items for your same vehicle.  Once you add it to your cart, you will be offered a 10% discount on any kit you add with it.  When bundling kits we only send out one install kit(microfiber, squeegee, prep spray) with the order.  

  • dry application vinyl tint
  • air release channels for easy application
  • re-positionable overlays that can be pulled off during installation & reapplied
  • custom designed overlays for your car
  • cast vinyl with memory. If overstretched during installation the film will revert back to its original shape by using a heat source such as a heat gun or hairdryer


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