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Challenger Racetrack Taillamp Decals

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  • Stand out from the crowd & give your Challenger's rear a super unique look with these decals which can be combined in different ways.  By adding decals to the inner section of your lights it gives the illusion of one solid broken rectangle, and adding the outer overlays gives a very unique 4 horizontal line appearance.

    Make it a bundle & get the matching
    inner or outer set for $10 off!

    Difficulty: 2 of 10
    Estimated Install Time: 10 minutes

    • KIT TYPE: Dry Application Decal
    • 1 complete set (2 ea.) of decals in the style chosen
    • 3" mini medium stiffness squeegee
    • microfiber cloth
    • prep spray
    • Luxe decal
    • Models: SXT, R/T, GT, Scat Pack, T/A, SRT 392, Hellcat, Demon
    • Years: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
    Kit Contents
    Complete set of decals, mini squeegee, microfiber cleaning cloth, Luxe prep spray, Luxe decal
    Inner Vs. Outer Decals
    We have products for both the inner and outer sections of the taillight, and on both pages you can add the other decals to block out all four sides.
    Available Styles

    Installation video

    Installation Notes

    Dodge Challenger Hellcat taillight being cleaned
    1. Clean the surface of the light making it smooth to the touch.  Make sure to clean deep into the gap around the light so there are no particles that get stuck to the adhesive of the decal.
    Cutting our Luxe Auto Concepts decals for dodge challenger hellcat
    2. Identify the correct piece using the text (e.g. "DO - Driver Outer") and then cut it out as close to the decal as possible.
    alighting and applying decals to dodge challenger hellcat taillights
    3. Test align the decal with the paper on and when you see where it goes then lightly tack the decal down starting in the bottom corner near the bottom of the valley.  Tack the innermost edge... it will take heat to apply the decal fully up the red section.
    heat and apply cast vinyl to challenger taillight
    4. Heat the decal and apply it starting at the bottom of the valley and working your way to the top ridge.  The decal should be curled up due to tension which is normal.
    fold decal and final appy to challenger hellcat taillights
    5. Heat the decal and working from the outer rounded corners first apply the film over the top ridge and ledge and work to the inner bracket edge of the decal.
    remove transfer paper and apply final pressure
    6. Remove the transfer paper from the decal carefully and then make sure it is totally applied and there are no bubbles or edges not locked down.  Heating the decal will cause any area not applied to visible swell up or move.  Apply firm pressure and then you are done!

    Optional items to make the job easier

    Debadge/Clay Bar Kit
    Make sure the surface of your light is slick as glass to ensure the highest quality finish of your LightWrap™ installation.
    White Luxe Squeegee
    In combination with the included mini squeegee this will insure you have the right tool no matter the job.
    Suede Buffer
    When wet this buffer will glide without marring the surface of the vinyl on gloss finishes and make installations a breeze.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 122 reviews

    Challenger Racetrack Taillamp Decals


    Alittle hard to put on around curved edges on outside light and creased up a spot and couldn't get out, so going to have to get a replacement. Inside pieces alot easier and smoother to put on. Definitely use heat gun to make it easier. Once on though looks awesome.

    Kind of a pain to install

    Really cool and different mod, but obviously super new since there wasn’t much input for installation. I tried the “wet install” method on the drivers side and wound up with wrinkles that I couldn’t flatten. Passenger side I worked from the center (around the clear lights) out with very low heat of a blow dryer. The second side worked out perfectly using heat to stretch the tint around the curves. Kind of sucks that my OCD won’t allow me to leave the drivers side wrinkled, but hopefully I can get replacement pieces 🤷🏽‍♀️ If it wasn’t for the lack of clear install directions I would’ve given 5 ⭐️

    Another Great Product

    These are a great way to set your taillights off, rather than just blacking them out. Installation is not the easiest, but I found that by turning my lights on, I could line up the vinyl easier. So I recommend doing that if it's your first time installing vinyl. But they turned out great nonetheless.


    They look nice just a bit hard to apply at first but they worth it