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Luxe Features: C4000 Cristal Color Tint Kits Product Release - Luxe Auto Concepts

Luxe Features: C4000 Cristal Color Tint Kits Product Release

It's finally here!

By customer request, Luxe has sourced the best translucent color vinyl in the market! Hexis C4000 Cristal vinyl has the best colors and nicest finish of all the calendared tint options, and now we have it available for you in a variety of sizes!

Introducing Cristal Color Tint Kits!

Want to tint your ATV or
off-road vehicle's
lights in color?

Want to tint your wicker bill?

The light will be
the color of the tint!

We've sourced the best translucent color vinyl on the market!

Our wet application vinyl kits can instantly change the look of your vehicle! It is great for flat surfaces and moderately complex shapes. With some patience and a little bit of time you can even use this tint on many headlights!

We think you'll love these kits so much you might even find other uses for this tint! Cristal Color Tint Kits make it easy to easily add pops of color to your life. Get two kits to mix and match colors, or have a kit on hand so you can try out a new color later!

Want a custom Cristal Tint decal?

Contact our custom department!
Luxe Custom Team

Coming Soon:

How To: Cristal Film Installation & Removal
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