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Cómo:Modificaciones sencillas de autos de bricolaje para que destaques en esta temporada de exhibición de autos

How To: Easy DIY Car Mods So You Stand Out This Car Show Season - Luxe Auto Concepts
Kanya Michelle|
¡El verano se acerca rápidamente y con eso llega la temporada de espectáculos! Ya sea que esté compitiendo a nivel nacional o exhibiendo su automóvil localmente, ¡estas sencillas modificaciones de automóvil de bricolaje lo ayudarán a prepararse para destacar este año!

Wrap Your Rims

Wrapping your rims in your favorite tint or vinyl is a great way to quickly and easily change the look of your car! Rim wraps can also hide damage as well as protect from curb rash and other future potential damage.

Tint Your Side Markers & Rear Reflectors

Using an easy DIY pre-cut kit to change the look of your side makers and rear reflectors takes under 30 minutes, making it the perfect evening project leading up to your next car show!

Customize Your Shift Knob

Shift Knob customization is a fun weekend project leading up to show season! Go simple with a new color or try something unique like a handmade wood shift knob.

Tint Your Headlights & Taillights

LightWrap makes it possible to tint your headlights and taillights yourself, providing you with a fierce look day and night. The easy to install dry application tint (with helpful instructional videos) and availability of pre-cut kits for many models provides you with the opportunity to make a drastic change to the look of your car in just an afternoon. Luxe offers a variety of tint options so that you can customize to your taste!

Vinyl Wrap Your Interior Trim & Dash

Thanks to the wealth of instructional videos on the internet and the availability of easy to use quality vinyl, its easy to give the interior of your ride a luxurious custom look!

Personalize Your Tint (or Wrap)

While we're on the subject of easy customization, the easy-to-install LightWrap tint is also completely customizable! That means you can rep your brand with your own printed LightWrap AND install it yourself before the show!

Personalize It With Custom Decals

Installing custom decals on your car is a fantastic way to personalize your car and give it a look that is unlike any other car on the road, or at the show. With vinyl decals the possibilities are endless: trick out your window, your hood, your bumpers, and everywhere in between. Add your own hashtag to brand or theme out your ride!

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Add Rally Stripes

With all of the easy to install pre-cut kits on the market, its easy to add rally stripes! You can even customize your stripes! Just some patience and an afternoon and you can turn your car into a sleek racing machine.

Grab A Hood Prop

A good heavy duty hood prop to show off what you have under that hood is a must! We like these because they can be customized to match your car.

Wrap Your Emblem & Chrome

Using LightWrap tint to wrap your chrome and other accent features gives your car a luxurious look while still maintaining the chrome look! Because of the dry application process, using LightWrap to tint your chrome features is an easy DIY project that delivers a dramatic look.

Wrap Your Car

While it can be true that a full vehicle wrap might be a challenge for the novice car enthusiast, vinyl wrap kits and online instructions make it possible for a person of any skill level to wrap their roof and hoods. Custom printed vinyl is always an option through Luxe Custom, or you can check out the many options at Metro Restyling and have a kit made.

DIY Your Car This Season!

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