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2015+ Challenger Taillight Divider Decal - Single Solid Layer

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$24.99 USD
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Looking for something to put between your taillights on your Challenger now that you've debadged the car?  This mod is easy and will completely transform the look of the tail light area.  It also solves the problem of scratching the gloss black plastic.  We are the originators of this decal!  Our design gives you a fully wrapped look going deep into the top groove and fully covering the bottom edge.  This looks a million times better than sticking on an ugly flat cut piece of acrylic.  Simply line up the decal using the transfer mask as a spacer and using the trunk release button to center it.  
Can be stacked with one of our center divider design decals for some awesome effects.

Application Type: Dry
Difficulty: 2 of 10
Estimated Install Time: 10 minutes

Models: SXT or R/T, SXT Plus, R/T Plus, R/T Scat Pack, SRT 392, SRT Hellcat, GT, R/T 392, SRT Demon

Years: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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All of the wrap vinyl that we offer is from major brands and is cast, not calendar. Cast vinyl lasts much longer and is easier to install. When cared for properly this vinyl will last for years. All wrap vinyl features air-release technology for bubble free install.

Standard Wrap Vinyl

KPMF Matte Perfect Black

KPMF Gloss Perfect Black

*Avery* Gloss Black

*Avery* Satin Black

3M Satin Dark Gray

KPMF Gloss Perfect White

KPMF Vengeance Red

3M Hot Rod Red

3M Bright Orange

3M Sunflower Yellow

KPMF Envious Green

KPMF Metro Blue Glauco

KPMF Atlantic Pearl

KPMF Opulent Indigo

KPMF Purple Black Iridescent

KPMF Matte Amethyst Titanium

Premium Wrap Vinyl - Textures, FX

3M Carbon Fiber

3M Black Brushed Metal

3M Matrix Black

3M Shadow Black

KPMF Morpheus Black

Hexis Forged Carbon

Hexis Black Leather

Luxe Wrap 3D

- Extremely exotic look! The honeycomb on this vinyl appear 3d underneath a paint like gloss finish.

- When moving around the vinyl or moving the light source the honeycomb shifts.

- Is a cast vinyl with air release.

- Can be cut with knifeless tape.

- Matches LightWrap 3d honeycomb perfectly.

- Available in two sizes:

- Large: *pictured* Each hex is 0.5"

- Small: Each hex is 0.25". Half size.





$7.49  $4.50

Our dry vinyl install kit includes everything you'll need to successfully install LightWrap or dry apply decals.

Includes: 3" mini medium stiffness squeegee, microfiber cloth, small prep/cleaning spray



$6.99  $4.50

This is a professional level knife at a great price! The 30 degree blade helps with tight cuts. The entire sheath and blade clicker are stainless steel, and the thumb slider features a lock for better cuts. This knife will accept any brand's replacement blades that are the same size.


$6.99  $4.50

A high quality, durable squeegee with a fabric buffer, excellent at reducing scratches and enhancing glide. Mist the surface of the vinyl and buffer during installation for even more glide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 150 reviews
Much Needed Upgrade

Good quality, easy to install, and looks great! How the Challenger should have come from the factory. Much needed upgrade! Covers up the shiny black and scratched area with a perfect, clean matte black!

Matt B.

Wasnt cut to size and was larger than divider on the car plus even with the cleaning solution provided the decal didnt stick. Also decal was scratched when i got it out of the box very disapointed i spent money on something that went right into the trash

Corey T.
Rear trunk divider vinyl

Luxe is definitely a great company I’ve used there vinyl and tint kits for all the lights and turn signals n my hellcat along with the center trunk divider vinyl I had them custom print for me, all of witch have been great quality, easy to install and look great. The main reason for my review was a situation I had with the custom printed trunk vinyl. The vinyl I received got slightly damaged from an accident in packaging witch caused the most minor imperfection.. me being the perfectionist I am that tiny line you could barely see drove me crazy so I reached out to luxe customer service and they promptly sent me a replacement and arrived in flawless shape. So needless to say I would highly recommend luxe products to anyone thinking about purchasing something from them

Quality Product

Product is straightforward to install (including debadging) is fairly easy with proper tools. Once its on there, its on. Recommended using heat gun to smooth edges and to form around the trunk center panel. Im very happy with the results!

Gilbert F.
Rear window spoiler

I love it came out great!