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Universal Cristal Color Tint Kit - Orange Red


Wanting to tint your ATV or off-road vehicle's lights in color?  Want to tint your wicker bill?   We've sourced the best translucent color vinyl and it's perfect for these applications!  Hexis C4000 Cristal vinyl has the best colors and nicest finish of all the calendared tint options, and it's now available to you in a variety of sizes with our kits.  The light will be the color of the tint!  Pink tint will make your lights pink.  This film is WET APPLICATION, and it will only conform to moderately complex shapes.  Applying it to a flat piece of plexiglass is simple!  A headlight requires patience and time, but it it possible.  Remember...measure twice, buy once. To purchase longer continuous lengths, please email us at   

    • Sheet of Cristal vinyl in selected size: 10" x 20", 20" x 1 yd, 20" x 2 yd, 20" x 3 yd *Vinyl sheets may be between 19.5"-20".
    • Install Kit: Luxe mini wing squeegee, prep spray, microfiber cloth, Luxe decal, and break away knife
      • Hexis Cristal C4000 Transparent Colored Vinyl is recommended for light bars, wicker bills, see through decals, fog lights, off road lights, ATVs, acrylic signs, plexi windshields.
      • Manufacturer SKU: C4232
      • Color: Orange Red
      • Finish: Transparent Gloss
      • Film Type: Calendered Polymeric PVC
      • Adhesive: Solvent-based, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive; suitable for wet application.
      • Conformability: Flat, simple and moderate compound curves, convex and concave surfaces
      • Thickness: 2.5 mil


            Luxe Auto Concepts recommends you always measure what you are wrapping before purchasing one of our wrap kits.  Add a few inches on each side and then cut the material for the job.  The more film you have to work with the easier the installation will be, and the more complex the shape the more extra material you should have to help spread out the tension. 

            Installation Kit Included

            • Prep spray (iso & h20)
            • Microfiber cloth
            • Mini squeegee
            • Luxe decal

            Choosing a Color

            Yellow C4168
            Orange C4210
            Orange Red C4232
            Red C4288
            Dark Red C4249
            Purple C4282
            Blue C4387
            Light Blue C4354
            Green C4429
            Light Grey C 4497

            Optional items to make the job easier

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